1. Wintercold "Return to the Hall Up High" (salr-259)

  2. Avagisord "They are Fucking Dead" Demo (salr-258)

  3. Woe is The Accursed Earth "In Coldness and Fog" (salr-256)

  4. Memento Mori "Vae Victis" (salr-254)

  5. Wintercold "Lucifer" (salr-253)

  6. Dead Tree Of Extinction "1rr3v3rs1bl3" (salr-250)

  7. Woe is The Accursed Earth "The Settling Ashes of A Crumbling World" (salr-249)

  8. Vixioness "Vixioness" (salr-248)

  9. Wintercold "The Knight of Future" (salr-247)

  10. Wintercold "I Will Never Leave My Kingdom " - Demo (salr-245)

  11. Headless Berserkers "Bastards Must Die" - Demo 2016 (salr-244)

  12. Wintercold "My Path" (salr-243)

  13. The Perfect Mass "World on Fire" (salr-241)

  14. Corpse Knife "Obsession with Disemboweled Human Pieces" (salr-239)

  15. Wintercold "I Am My Own God & My Own Guide" (salr-242)

  16. Blasphemous Overlord "Tyrant of Genocide" (salr-238)

  17. Sorem "Legion ov Tengger Land" (salr-237)

  18. Woe is The Accursed Earth "A Unconditional War" - Ep (salr-240)

  19. Woe is The Accursed Earth "The Awakening" (salr-236)

  20. In Darkness We Become One - 3 Way Split (salr-257)

  21. Demorian "Exiling the Angels" - Ep (salr-235)

  22. Al Rinach 3.3.3 "Eternal Negative Trinity/Chapter II" - (salr-227)

  23. Wintercold "Dark Creatures" - Ep (salr-234)

  24. Wintercold "Silence" (salr-233)

  25. Nicrotek "The Cvlt of Apathy" - Ep (salr-232)

  26. Blasphemous XX - Demo 2015 (salr-231)

  27. Awakening of The Darkness "Split" (salr-230)

  28. Wintercold "Invoke the Ancient Beast" (salr-228)

  29. Headless Berserkers "Mankind was born to Die" Demo 2015 (salr-226)

  30. Morbid Chants Between Unholy Temples - Split CD (salr-222)

  31. Wintercold "Urkraft" - Ep (salr-225)

  32. Nostalgie Depression "An Elegy of Nature" (salr-224)

  33. Eclosión "Historia Olvidada" (salr-223)

  34. Wintercold "I Watching the Sky on my Last Day on Earth" (salr-221)

  35. Vixioness "The Hallways" (salr-219)

  36. Noestalgya "Beku" - Demo 2015 (salr-220)

  37. Pagan Mystery "Thru Pagan Lands" (salr-213)

  38. Wintercold "Fear in the Dark" (salr-218)

  39. Hovf "Dödsdansen" - (salr-216)

  40. Nostalgie Depression "Echoes of Black Spirit" (salr-215)

  41. Curse of Wotan "Demo 2015" (salr-217)

  42. Ihdamas "Multiverso Desconocido" - Demo (salr-214)

  43. Radiation Geisha "Demo 2015" (salt-015)

  44. Nostalgie Depression "The Last Days" Single (salr-212)

  45. Nostalgie Depression "Ahora que la luz se ha ido" - (salr-211)

  46. Wintercold "Paradise is Not Here" (salr-210)

  47. Wintercold "Night Hour" (salr-208)

  48. Imperial Cult "Rise of Yalamber" - Ep (salr-206)

  49. By the River of Silence & Inner Peace - Split (salr-205)

  50. Nigra Locust "Demo" (salr-204)

  51. The End "White Lotus" - Ep (salr-201)

  52. Camazotz "Follow the Dead" - (salr-202)

  53. Wintercold "I Am My Own King" - Single (salr-199)

  54. Nostalgie Depression "November Moon" - (salr-198)

  55. Dawn of Apocalypse "Forces of Darkness Reigns" - Ep (salr-191)

  56. Equinox "A Child was Born of The Underworld" [1986-1987] (salr-080)

  57. Enmachined "Thrash Assault" - Demo (salr-161)

  58. GROMRITUAL - Univerzum: Of Exordium & Annihilation (salr-150)

  59. Wintercold "From my Silent Tomb" - Single (salr-158)

  60. Gróa Willing "Sire/Vedrfolnir demos - 2009 - 2012 Recordings" (salr-159)

  61. When The Moon is There "Split album (salr-148)

  62. Corpestor "Welcome to The Last Supper" (salr-169)

  63. The End "You Made the Rain Disappear" Demo (salr-157)

  64. Valtiel "Lament" / Demo (salr-149)

  65. Najand "Death! The Best Solution!" (salr-147)

  66. Sodomophilia "Demo 2013" (salr-146)

  67. Pertamaxplus "In Fast We Jerk" Ep (salr-137)

  68. Lethal Fire "Master of Extermination Art" (salr-173)

  69. Voxra "Vakna Upp Ur Dimman" - Demo 2013 (salr-140)

  70. Dark Phantom "Beta" Ep 2013 (salr-139)

  71. Life´s Darker Than Death / Ego-Death - Split (salr-130)

  72. Magiska Krafter "Dark Light And The Sprites Song" (salr-125)

  73. Wintercold "We all are Dead" - Ep (salr-170)

  74. Nathicana "Dark Spirits & Violence" - Ep (salr-168)

  75. Dark Desolation "Blasphemous Pestilence" (salr-119)

  76. Gypsy "Twisted Levity" Ep (salr-165)

  77. Wither "Place Without Sorrow" (salr-172)

  78. Doomsday Prophet "Our Predetermined Fate" (salr-176)

  79. Dawn Of Apocalypse "Demo 2014" - (salr-175)

  80. Curse of Wotan "It eats me...wants me (a shadow)" (salr-188)

  81. Nafarmaan "Quayamat Lullaby" - Ep (Metal DVD Box-25 copies) - (salr-186)

  82. Nafarmaan "Quayamat Lullaby" Ep (Reg.jewel case version) - (salr-186)

  83. Multinational Corporations "Jamat-al-Maut" - Ep (salr-185)

  84. Wintercold "The False Humanity" (salr-184)

  85. Demonic "Dawn Of The Anti-Christ" (salr-089)

  86. Falgar "Beyond The Fading Stars" - (salr-073)

  87. Apotheosis of The Eastern Darkness - Split (salr-069)

  88. William Satanic Tony "A Glimpse of Life And a Glimpse of the Other Side" (salr-160)

  89. Demorian "Excerpt From A Diary" (salr-120)

  90. Affliction "Eyes of Horror" (salr-115)

  91. Fleshcrawler "Abuse Your Fucking God" (salr-094)

  92. Aggressive Mutilator "Curse of The Outlaw" - Demo (salt-014)


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